Bathroom industry to win the markets four key "magic weapon""

Release time: 2017-09-26

Ceramic sanitary ware products is an important part of our national cultural heritage, but also the world of ceramic sanitary ware in the treasure house of a shining pearl. Ceramic sanitary ware products is an important part of our national cultural heritage, but also the world of ceramic sanitary ware in the treasure house of a shining pearl. With the diversification of people's consumption demand, Home Furnishing basic purpose not only to meet modern sanitary enterprises, product design style pays more attention to the combination of practical and aesthetic, the integration of personality, natural and humanity elements. From the home industry trend, it can be predicted that "brand operations, product design, marketing, service level" these four major business strategy constitute the modern bathroom industry to win the market key factors.


First, brand operation strategy

The concept of brand consumer is more and more intense, because a good brand will bring good service, modern bathroom as a market concern is not high but must Home Furnishing products, there will be many unexpected situations. So, as a customer, he would rather spend more than the usual 15%~20% price to buy branded goods. And a considerable number of consumers through a variety of media to understand the effectiveness of the spread of modern bathroom brand awareness and enterprise strength. As another purpose of creating brand efficiency in the shopping mall, we can open franchise stores throughout the country and expand the scope of business to further enhance their brand awareness.

Two, service strategy

Service is a key factor in achieving terminal achievement. Now some customers reflect "why do I buy a good brand products, is to buy a service" customer shopping sales attitude, and sales staff is the primary principle of customer purchasing products to the degree of understanding of their products. As a modern ceramic sanitary products, because it is human too many things, such as door material, specification bath or even a very small hardware accessories are to seek the consent of the customer, not only is the customer, together with the modern ceramic sanitary ware sales and design will feel the whole operation is very troublesome. Good service can highlight the brand image. At present, the domestic sanitary ware enterprise service level uneven, it can learn from the shower room in the bathroom industry industry leader ALLY Zhongshan sanitary ware company, the enterprises with higher evaluation in the industry, a good "customer service service" is a target for Zhongshan ALLY, is one of the most basic commitments. Advocate "continuous improvement and create customer satisfaction products" concept, with a professional, dedicated spirit, so that each customer enjoy five star service, to ensure that customers throughout the custom, no worries.

Three, product innovation strategy

In recent years, with the demand for bathroom products more and more "functional" and "personalized", and intelligence is always the direction of people's pursuit. Therefore, intelligent design will become the mainstream direction of modern ceramic bathroom. Intelligent design on the basis of practical and beautiful, combined with the direction of its marketing, so that users can really feel comfortable and convenient. I think in the future, such modern ceramic bathroom can promote sales and market competition.

Four, marketing strategy

As a large and medium enterprise, their channels of operation are not only domestic market, but also foreign market. Because compared to the high salaries of foreign employees, they may be able to customize the price of modern bathroom products cheaper in china. The quality of modern bathroom products in foreign countries should be slightly higher than that in the domestic market, but the prices can also be improved. Therefore, as long as we are good quality of their own products, the demand for foreign countries will be more and more.

With the rapid development of China's construction industry, the output value of building decoration industry has gradually increased. Home decoration has also become the focus of attention of consumers. Modern sanitary ware is facing huge development opportunities, but also because of the competition Chinese sanitary ware market imperfections and foreign brands of Chinese market competition, China sanitary ware enterprises breakthrough industry challenges.