Domestic bathroom brands out of the country, what are the options?

Release time: 2017-09-26

In recent years, open and inclusive and win-win cooperation with the concept of "The Belt and Road" the implementation of national policies and increasingly popular, also provides a new opportunity for the development of science and technology, energy, transportation and other industries in China, as the building materials industry Home Furnishing people living standard is an important support, right and proper to become one of the beneficiaries.

One of the important components of the bathroom industry also added the opportunity for development, out of the country, close to the international market share, not only is the debut Chinese national brand strong aura, can jump out of the domestic brand variety of fierce competition environment, to get a broader space for development. But the "Yue Longmen" is never a easy thing, how to go out of the bathroom companies need to think about.

Closely followed by the national policy, the troops have set off a long time ago

According to "2016-2021 years of China's bathroom industry market demand and investment advisory report" statistics show that, at present, China has become the world's largest producer of bathroom products. In September this year, the world-renowned ninth BRICs leaders meeting held in Xiamen, gorgeous data of China's foreign trade to make people feel happy, the first 7 months of this year, China's sanitary ware industry on the other BRIC countries, exports amounted to $5 million 854 thousand and 400. Among them, the export of Brazil 510 thousand and 300 U. s.dollars, exports to Russia 824 thousand and 700 U. s.dollars, exports to South Africa 405 thousand U. s.dollars, exports to India 4 million 114 thousand and 400 U. s.dollars.

In September 12th, sponsored by the National Federation of furniture industry association's "2017 Belt and Road Initiative - Flower World" Home Furnishing industry international cooperation forum was successfully held in Shanghai, the forum site brings together a large coffee and many business leaders Home Furnishing building materials industry industry, to discuss the development of the international Home Furnishing industry trends, as well as in the current international market under the background of the enterprise how to go out. In the forum brand show short video, China lingshang home and global plastic sanitary industry Jomoo sanitary ware and other industries, Dongpeng big impressively.

As domestic brands, can break the wind waves, have been successful in the international market, in addition to actively follow the development trend, the hardships behind also extraordinary imagination, but fortunately, many enterprises have to deliver the goods, successfully realize the transition in the tide upgrade.

And in the bathroom industry, many enterprises also because of long-term vision, become the benchmark for the modern bathroom industry to go abroad, worthy of respect and study of other enterprises in the industry.

As the industry heavyweights Jomoo bathroom, as early as 2012, Jomoo began the layout of the BRIC countries, to establish a relationship between the depth of cooperation with Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mongolia and other countries, as chairman of the board, Lin Xiaofa will go out as a norm and development trend of China enterprises, "industrial sea" concept not only let Jomoo the bathroom a foothold in the international market, but also provide a reference for the majority of enterprises in the bathroom before solid.

Another national brand bathroom sanitary ware brand breakthrough is Wrigley bathroom practice the national ambition, since 2010, has been the development of dealers in Iraq and Burma and Mongolia and other places, to open stores. The export department is also widely Wrigley bathroom and construction enterprises to carry out overseas cooperation projects, including small Mengla century Garden Hotel project, Indonesia Indonesian Street City project.

And in overseas income generation, China's many sanitary ware enterprises also remarkable achievements, industry export predators Huida first half revenue of 1 billion 331 million yuan, an increase of 26.31%, in 2016, Huida bathroom overseas income amounted to 699 million yuan. Export enterprises seagull bathroom, revenue of 815 million yuan in the first half. 2016, seagull bathroom revenue amounted to 1 billion 445 million yuan. Gabriel first quarter operating income of 193 million yuan, an increase of 12.8%. In 2016, the overseas income amounted to 354 million yuan.

Domestic bathroom brands out of the country, what are the options?

Now, in the new global economy, Chinese enterprises are no longer just followers and followers, but will become more and more "leaders"". For domestic enterprises, "The Belt and Road apparently opened a huge market, but went out to the Home Furnishing enterprise is not just a few words, which contains the opportunities, challenges and risks, is bittersweet, sanitary enterprises the same.

Careful observation of China's sanitary ware enterprises "go out" of some patterns, it is not difficult to find some of the similar path.

First, through the domestic and export agents, in this way more suitable for small and medium scale enterprises in the bathroom, led by the domestic export agent, through the expansion to overseas orders, to domestic manufacturers to purchase, although the cost is low, it is difficult to have a sustained and stable.

Second, sanitary ware enterprises from overseas development business departments, and actively seek to contact overseas customers, through overseas customer resources accumulation and development, to obtain stable customer orders, increase business income. In this way, the cost is higher, it is a gradual accumulation process, suitable for large enterprises with strong strength.

Third, through the overseas transportation business, the stores open to overseas, in the form of direct marketing, relatively fast results, the premise is the brand strength, obvious advantages, suitable for brand value and strength of enterprises are strong enterprises. Speaking in front of Jomoo, Huida, Arrow have opened many stores in overseas.

Fourth, OEM production, for now, the OEM is still China's sanitary ware enterprises overseas operating the main way. Through OEM international well-known bathroom brand, has a stable order, overseas expansion, many public